Watashi No Yaban Na Geboku

Watashi No Yaban Na Geboku
Watashi No Yaban Na Geboku Rating: 4/5 - 64,486 Reviews.


Chapter 1 From Attractive Fascinante: Touya’s caretaker was sick and got the grandson, Okutera You, as his replacement. Okutera was a rash and arrogant guy. But he showed his gentleness when he comforted the sad Touya. Touya gradually fell in love with him. In the end, who was the master? Chapter 2-3: Tama, an actor, meets his step-brother on a shoot. Katsuki ran away when their parents found out that Tama and Katsuki were in a relationship. Tama still loves Katsuki, but something is keeping Katsuki from accepting his brother again. Chapter 4: A doctor is willing to do anything for his lover. Chapter 5: Story between an Av actor and director. Chapter 6: Salaryman gets attacked by his drunken kouhai. Chapter 7: continues chapter 1

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