Fiery Enemies

Fiery Enemies
Fiery Enemies Reviews: 4/5 - 21390 Reviews.


On her deathbed, a beloved grandma leaves behind a terrifying last wish: for her granddaughter to reunite with the horrible, no-good ex-husband that didn’t last even one year! Garyung instead vows to live alone forever, even if that means giving up her entire inheritance. But when a disastrous fire threatens to rob Garyung of her hard-earned fashion empire, she is forced to come to terms with the money, and the man, at stake. Where there is hate, is there also… love?Source of collecting it’s up to the newest chapter. As scheduled, if there will be nobody to update in 3 weeks, I will upload 3 chapters at once. — Manga01 And also please support the author!

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