Doutei Saizensen

Doutei Saizensen
Doutei Saizensen Reviews: 4/5 - 16751 Reviews.


Reference made to 'Koutetsu no Daitenshi'. Colonel Rosenberg and Hans story starts in 'Koutetsu no Daitenshi' and then continues in 'Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta' Chapter 1: C'mon Baby, To My Army! ~ Pgs. 8-38 Colonel Rosenberg threw away Millers Ring, This time it*s unforgiveble, Miller runs off but gets caught by the enemies. Colonel Kingstones chance has come to conquer Millers heart. Chapter 2: The Waterside Lovers ~ Pgs. 40- 54 A very hot Day, colonel rosenberg is just melting away under the heat, then hans to go swimmeing in a near by creak... Chapter 3: The Rebel Chapter 4: My Beloved Exile Chapter 5: First Line of Virginity ~ Pgs. 2-33 Chapter 6: The Beast Who Whispers Love A pretty elite officer gets kidnapped by an ultra manly mercenary, and he would do anything ( including H stuff) to get back to headquarters! Chapter 7: Captin Bennett's Diary ~ Pgs. 35-39

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